How To Choose the Right Painter and Decorator for Your Home

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In terms of home and house renovation getting a pro painter and decorator to complete the task is among the most critical elements. This's after all, the very first thing that folks will discover. So the issue is actually: just how could an individual go about in employing a neighborhood painter and decorator? What must you expect from a painter as well as decorator?

Nearly all folks believe it is simple enough to re decorate a room. Of course, what can be less complicated than painting a wall? Nevertheless, as with many issues, there is a knack to anything, and painting as well as decorating is actually no different.

Painter and Decorator

The best way to Pick a Decorator and Painter

The range of services offered by any great master painter and decorator will have the following:

Painting (both inside and exterior surfaces)

Hanging wallpaper

The cost of a Decorator and Painter

An individual must keep in mind that painting an area or even hanging wallpaper is not as simple as you may well think. You will find numerous elements to consider, not only the colours. What quality of color must a person use? Actually getting these fairly easy elements wrong can cost you a person much more in the very long room.

Reasons to hire A specialist Decorator and Painter

Here's what you are able to count on to get by utilizing a professional:

Work performed to high standard He is going to have the required resources.

Has the expertise to look for answers to jobs that are difficult How do I Choose a Decorator and Painter?

There are a variety of ways to choose and find an excellent painter and decorator. For instance, a visitor might ask around his friends and neighbours, he is able to look at the Yellow Pages or even find one through a specialized trade federation/association. Let us seems a 2 of these options:

This's most likely the easiest and you've a greater chance of obtaining an excellent job done. A painter that relies on the business of his by suggestions will ensure he does a great job. A lot more often than not you may have a much better quote for the efforts. An individual also can check out the work of his and find more info on the painter himself. You are able to usually arrange to offer your own personal materials, and sometimes this's more affordable. A term of warning though - by no means purchase probably the cheapest materials.

 After selecting the right painter as well as decorator, the next day decision is actually decor. Today there's very much to select from that it may be hard to know exactly where to begin. A professional painter plus decorator will have the opportunity to provide you with suggestions because more frequently than not he'll have tackled something very similar in the work of his and will determine what looks great and what does not.

Paint. This has several benefits and disadvantages. You are able to pick from an uncountable quantity of tones and colours. Paint however, can be' colder'. Keep in mind that the tone you notice on the color container or perhaps perhaps the real tone of the color will differ from just how it seems on the wall.

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HVAC TRAINING | HVAC Training Online

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Because HVAC systems are increasingly complex, employers generally prefer applicants with technical training or those who have completed a formal apprenticeship. Some jurisdictions require technicians to be licensed.


A growing number of HVAC technicians receive training from technical and trade schools or community colleges that offer programs in heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration. These programs generally last six months to two years and can lead to a certificate or an associate’s degree. High school students interested in becoming HVAC technicians should take courses in shop, math, and physics. Some knowledge of plumbing or electrical work and a basic understanding of electronics can be helpful. Other HVAC technicians learn their trade on the job, although this is becoming much less common. Informally trained technicians usually begin by assisting experienced technicians with basic tasks, such as insulating refrigerant lines or cleaning furnaces. In time, they move on to more difficult tasks, including cutting and soldering pipes or checking electrical circuits. Many technicians receive their training through a formal apprenticeship. Applicants for apprenticeships must have a high school diploma or general equivalency degree (GED). Math and reading skills are essential. Apprenticeship programs normally last three to five years, and combine paid on-the-job training with technical instruction. Over the course of the apprenticeship, technicians become familiar with subjects such as safety practices, blueprint reading, and how to use tools.

Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers—often referred to as HVAC technicians—work on heating, ventilation, cooling, and refrigeration systems that control the air quality in many types of buildings. They mostly work in residential homes, schools, hospitals, office buildings, or factories. Their worksites may be very hot or cold because the heating and cooling system they must repair is broken. Working in cramped spaces is common.

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HVAC Technician | HVAC Training Online Part Five

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Right for you one always make sure the contractor as a proper license and insurance in place before hvac wichita kansas starting your work a professional will always provide you with anti denies folks you know exactly what products and services you're hpc contractor plans to provide always ask if they have all my testimonials are positive reviews they could directly to them there's more you should know about choosing the right hpc contractor information we provide to save you time and money just visit hvac wichita ks our website because today. Air Conditioning near Westlake Village Air Conditioning Westlake Village HVAC Westlake Village ASM


All Systems Mechanical air conditioning and heating Westlake Village All Systems Mechanical air conditioning and heating specializes in the installation and servicing of commercial, industrial and residential air conditioning applications. ASM air conditioning Westlake Village offers free competitive estimates. Customer Service No nonsense. Just HVAC. Residential air conditioning near Westlake Village asmair Commercial air conditioning near Westlake Village asmair Industrial HVAC near Westlake Village ASM is the air conditioning company you've been waiting for..the professionals you've been waiting for. Old fashioned customer service. On time, every time. Quality materials. no cut corners. Just honesty and integrity. Replacing a Home Air Conditioner Soldering Home Air Conditioner Copper Pipes Now that's not as neat, as pretty as I'd like to see it. But what I had to work with, that's not bad. Lot neater looking than the last person's. It doesn't make it work any better if it's neat. But just looks more professional. Now this one here, I'm going to be easier and lighter on it, with my torches. Because if you're not careful you can cut a hole in that pipe with this big of tip on these torches. But I needed the larger tip for the larger pipe because I have to get it hotter. And. As you see it didn't take long to get this one hot enough to melt that silver. That's a lot better looking joint too than I did while ago. Because it was easier to do. Same on this one. See I'm moving it around to get that temperature to where I want it to be and not cut a hole in that pipe or get it too hot. I want to get in and out of there as quick as I can. Because of that temperature. I believe I'm good there too. Now I'm going to have to crank. Replacing a Home Air Conditioner Pressure Check a Home Air Conditioner

We're getting ready to pressure check the system with nitrogen. Actually a while ago I come out was putting a little nitrogen through it as I was soldering the joint in there that helps keep those joints cleaner. But now we'll pressurize it. Put my valve stems back in. Pressurize the system and check for leaks. This is my suction side here. My high side line. And here's my gages. So I'm going to turn my nitrogen on. And I'll start now putting nitrogen in the line right now and into my coil. Now I'm just over ninety pounds on my suction. And will look and see. HVAC $ Saving Tip from Kevin Renner, NATE Certified Tech, Climate Control, Portland OR.

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HVAC Technician | HVAC Training Online Part Six

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My name is Kevin. I'm from Climate Control. I've been here for about 14 years. What I like about the company is it's a real family kind of company you kind of get to know all the employees. You get to personally talk to the owners of the company. I'd like to continue my education. On my spare time, I usually do a lot of soccer coaching. I do a lot of stuff with my kids, do stuff with my family and the outdoors. It's always good to change your filters. Make sure your ducts are wrapped, that they're. HVAC $ Saving Tip from Adam Somarriba, NATE Certified Tech, Climate Control, Portland OR.

Hey, I'm Adam. I've been at Climate Control for 2 years. I'm an installer technician, and I enjoy working at Climate Control because from all the companies that I've worked at, they take the most pride in their work, and they're not scared to go back and make sure that the customer's happy in the install and in the service that they provide. I like to play basketball on my free time. I like to do a little bit of salsa dancing, and I'm a Latin percussionist. You start closing off supply registers throughout your house because you're not conditioning. Replacing a Home Air Conditioner Vacuuming Home Air Conditioner Lines OK. Now we're back. I'm checking. I'm still showing ninety two. So that means I have no leaks in my system right now. So we're going to dump our nitrogen out and then we're going to put it into the vacuum. Now here I have a vacuum pump. It pulls it down to microns. It pulls all the atmosphere out of the system. Moisture and contaminates. I got a vacuum gage. I'm going to run it, hook into it also. We've dumped our nitrogen out. I have to use another hose here, if I. Want to use my gage on it. On the system, right now I'm pulling like a negative nine or so. We're going to let this pump down to around twenty nine. We'll also check our micron gage as we're pumping down. We've got a micron gage on now, and so we'll pump it down until this reaches down five hundred microns. Right now it's above five thousand. Now I'm going to pump this down for an hour maybe longer. I'll come back and check it in a few minutes, in thirty minutes to an hour. Another Day In The Life Of An HVAC Technician


Another Day In The Life Of An HVAC Technician, Some more fun stuff from the job. Becoming An HVAC Tech. How I got started and my take on the HVAC trade and trades in general for anyone looking into it as a career.

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HVAC Technician | HVAC Training Online Part Four

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We're not just filter flippers here. WE actually go out and look for possible problems. I have a hobby. I like to fly remote control airplanes and helicopters. I just got a bunch of chickens, so I'm kind of starting to be a farmer here. I just moved to Oregon. Not really a big fisherman, but I just have taken up fishing. Haven't caught one yet, but I'm really trying hard. And I like being outdoors I love Oregon life. To me, I always say that I camp where I live and live where I camp. It's a great place to be. I've.

Been here about 2 years now, and I really like it. A lot of people don't realize that their equipment can be malfunctioning. Even though it's still heating or cooling, it's malfunctioning it's not operating as it should be. We go out and look for these problems before it completely breaks down. And the big thing is before it completely breaks down, we can save you a lot of money on repairs. Once something does go wrong, it can take other pieces of equipment out with it. You can lose a compressor,. Heat exchanger in a heater. Things go wrong, and that $100, $200 bill can easily turn into a $3,000, $4,000 bill replacing equipment. This is something that a lot of people don't realize, and this is the reason that my tip is make sure that you get your equipment maintained on a yearly basis. It's not just changing the filter it's looking for things that are possibly going wrong, that have halfway gone wrong. A lot of times your car tire on your car gets low, you don't really realize it's low until you go and have the tires looked at, and then you get back in your car. HVAC Wichita KS 316 5551212


When searching for the right HVAC wichita kansas contractor keep these important things in mind the time it takes in a tree ac contractor the response usual phone caller inquiry is usually a good indication of how properly when it comes to your installation of service wichita hvac any contractor that she has a for a large portion of the work in advance of the building and cash should make a skeptical along as a contractor been in business what kind of guarantees are offered the following its revival tips to help you find any treaty contractor that's.

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HVAC Technician | HVAC Training Online Part Three

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My name is Scott Dendy. I work at Climate Control. Been here for about 10 years now. It's been a good 10 years. They take care of us pretty good here. We've got a good clientele. Love all my customers. A lot of house remodeling, woodworking, motorcycle riding, horseback riding, hiking, ski in December, fish. Those type of things. Get surge protection, at least on your HVAC equipment, if not your whole house. One surge strike pops, it's going to go right through your stuff to ground if you don't have a. HVAC Training Solenoid Valve HVAC Training Solutions


Hey guys, Ron here. I wanted to show you how a solenoid valve is used in a residential air conditioning system we just got done with our schematic reading class and we talked about solenoid valves so here's a great example this is at a friend of mine's house they live in a condo and I'll show you why they have this in here solenoid valve but you're looking at the solenoid valve and it is wired into the thermostat 'Y' terminal and common terminal so when the thermostat comes on the. Solenoid valve opens and when that thermostat turns off the condensing unit the solenoid valve closes the reason that we have the solenoid valve here on the liquid line is because the air handling unit this all the way up there on I meant 4th floor and when the air conditioning system is off, the refrigerant the liquid refrigerant will migrate back down into the condensing unit and especially when it's really cold it migrates back down into the condensing unit and sits in the compressor and then when the compressor starts. HVAC $ Saving Tip from Eric Hoyes, NATE Certified Tech, Climate Control, Portland OR.

My name is Eric Hoyes. I've been with Climate Control for about 1 year now. I really like working at Climate Control. The people here are what I call human beings they care about people, not just themselves and not just a dollar. I've been in this field for too long, since 1973, I started vocational training in it. I am NATE certified with the National Association of Technical Excellence, and I think that Climate Control is far above any of the other companies because we really take care of our customers, and what you pay for You get.

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HVAC Schools In Ri | HVAC Training Online Part 02

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The process saving large amounts of energy. Tom next time you’re up on the roof at East can you insert the onoff switch. Part of that meeting is bouncing stuff off of ourselves but also off of our partner Johnson. I think it’s the acctuators and they’re having limited travel. What we’ve learned in this project is down to the finite control of an individual unit. So you might have a unit that has a hundred and fifty points and we’re now down to where we’re tweaking each and every point so it runs exactly the way we want.

Finite control and robust data are hallmarks of Metasys. Recently Central Bucks added the Panoptix Building Efficiency platform. to capture even more savings opportunities. Panoptix is a suite of cloud based apps, services and support that simplifies the process of collecting real time building data. Instead of going in and gathering all the data together ourselves, on a question or an issue, it’s already there for us, we just check the faults and dive in that way. While Metasys gathers data, Panoptix interprets it with a single integrated dashboard. Allowing the team to make informed decisions around energy savings and building. Performance. The amount of data and knowledge we have now is incredible. What that’s allowed us to do is troubleshoot problems more quickly, anticipate problems, correct them before they become a problem and all of these things save energy. and maintain comfort for our staff and our students. Now that the district has finely tuned control of its energy use they’re able to take advantage of the local utilities demand response rebate program, generating even more savings. You add in the revenues from rebates from PECO for efficiency in the demand response, some years we’re looking at.


Three to four million dollars savings in our utilities, so it’s been pretty substantial. We’ve been able to take the dividend so to speak from the Johnson Control savings and invest it into teacher training. We’ve paid down some of our construction debt from all the new buildings we’ve built. A lot of money’s invested back into the classroom protecting our core curriculum and instruction. Protecting the mission of educating students remains the fundamental goal at Central Bucks school district. Through the partnership with Johnson Controls, school officials now have the data and the confidence to move forward.

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HVAC Technician | HVAC Training Online Part One

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Joe is an HVAC Technician looking for a new job. He's got the necessary training and education, the certifications, the experience and the motivation. But he doesn't know where to look for his dream job. That's until his friend Mike, also an HVAC Technician, tells him about this website he heard of, HVAC Jobs Center. Later at home, Joe decides to check it out on his computer. After searching Google for HVAC Jobs Center, Joe is directed to HVAC Jobs Center. Wow, it's a job posting website just for the HVAC industry! There are HVAC Technician jobs all over the country and there's even.


A category just for HVAC Technician Jobs. Joe notices a search box at the top, so he refines his search, looking only for HVAC Technician Jobs near him. He finds jobs he's never seen before and a few seem very interesting. Joe also notices that he can register as a Job Seeker. He does so and follows the easy steps to create his profile. He can even add his resume to his profile and apply to jobs with a click of the mouse. Even better, Joe can setup his email alerts to receive any new HVAC Technician job corresponding. Funny Whats The Best Job In The World Stupid Very Funny Cartoon LOL Seriously Hey have you pulled your head out of your ass and decided what you want to do with your life , I think I want to become a floor layer floor layers are strong and get plenty of work they help to shape people's homes and it's a good way to make a living, floor layer floor layers are f you will spend all day on your knees concern and fondling hardwood you will be high on glue fumes hoping not to drag tooth on your boss when you need a.

Raise, you should be an HVAC technician , HVAC technicians to work outside and do a different job everyday they get regular raises and work all year round, maybe I'll become a roofer, roofers do rewarding and help to protect people's homes from the elements, are you f kidding me, your pasty ass wouldn't live one day as a roofer, burn to a crisp bad covered in aloe, your only source of entertainment will be trying to find a comfortable way to jerk off, only if it doesn't hurt too much to grip a tweezers, f you a , like I said you.

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HVAC Technician | HVAC Training Online Part Two

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Should be an HVAC technician, HVAC technicians get to stare at sexy women in bikinis by their pools while they fix their air conditioning, they get b from lonely house wives afternoon repair their heating systems, as a roofer your skin will look like a worn leather bag shrivel nutsack too much from too much Sun, end up with skin cancer, then maybe I'll become a plumber farting sound, dude what the f you smell, do you smell that , as a plumber that's why you have to look forward to every day, as an HVAC technician that stench.

Away from using your specialized skills, as a plumber you have to smell s touch s and sometimes even taste s is that really what you want, no way what if I become an electrician, electricians are in high demand and have a specialized skill set, f I f hate electricians, electricians are know it alls that are good for nothing except destroy walls entangling wires, and how is their skill set they only do one thing all they do is run f wire , even a dipshit like you can do that, if you want a real job become. HVAC Geothermal Technician Associate Degree Program Gateway Technical College Tom Instructor Geothermal is probably where computers were back in the early '70's. The job market is just going to explode. We found that there was nowhere in the world to get training for Geothermal, the drilling side, so we basically, with the help of the NSF grant, were able to write the curriculum. and expose the student to training center that didn't exist before we invented it. Tony Student It was like a breath of fresh air. It was something that I really wanted to do, and. with it.


Being here in Kenosha, it was just even a bigger plus, because it's where me and my family are. Tom We not only teach you the inside equipment, like a traditional HVAC technician, but how it is coupled and having the ability to do the earth loops, or ponds, so you can understand the entire system, makes this rather unique. Tony Instructors are really great, they're passionate about what they teach, and it's just been a really good experience for me and a lot of the other. students that are here. HVAC $ Saving Tip from Scott Dendy, NATE Certified Tech, Climate Control, Portland OR.

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HVAC Schools Boise Idaho | HVAC Training Online Part Two

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A million dollars at least. Now we’ve had to pay down part of the bond with that because that was the deal with our community that we would use our energy savings to help pay that bond down. But it’s still saved us money. And so we just think this is just a win. It’s been a win for everybody. It’s a win for the Forest Service because now they can get that stuff out of the woods without burning it. So we think this has been a great, a great.

Way to use our natural resources and to work with our community. It started as a biomass to heat our buildings, it then turned into greenhouses, it then heated our shop. So those things have had a real connection to our curriculum, our Ag. program has been able to benefit by having this and having greenhouses, which they didn’t really have the opportunity to have before. You know, I think that’s the wave of the future in our part of the world. You know, I really do. I think that it’s an opportunity for us to. Clean up the forest and take a lot of the treatment out and create energy and jobs. It’s instrumental because it took the tremedous rise of heating costs out of the picture. And then you can take that money and put it back in the classroom. We think it’s a win win deal to be able to utilize a product that needs to be cleaned up in a forest any way. It creates catastrophic fuels laying on the ground. We need to get a lot of that out and use it in the right ways. And what better way to use it to offset costs in rural communities.


It’s a wonderful resource, it’s a double edged deal where you’re cleaning up the forest at the same time and creating energy and jobs in rural communities. From the Forest Service and many of the partners that have made this happen, we are truly excited about the success of this project. It has truly made a difference in the budget of the school, in the environment of the school, and the stability of the community and has found a place for many, much of the waste material that historically has just been burned.

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HVAC Schools In Ri | HVAC Training Online Part 01

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Central Bucks school district, north of Philadelphia, makes headlines for academic achievement. When school officials wanted to trim their budgets, particularly energy costs, they insisted that nothing compromise the learning environment. Through a performance contract with Johnson Controls, Central Bucks is accomplishing both goals. We already know they’re happening, I mean it’s happening now. Our utility bills are definitely a million and a half to two million dollars less per year already. Many districts have a backlog of deferred maintenance and generate energy savings simply by updating inefficient equipment. That wasn’t the case at Central Bucks.


Our buildings were in incredible shape. There were seven new buildings, we renovated nine others, and our cost per square foot, energy costs per square foot were very reasonable. The challenge was growth. The district has twenty seven buildings and 4 million square feet to maintain and in fifteen years doubled in size to 20,000 students. When energy prices began to climb, officials wanted to find a way to better manage costs. I think it started around 2007 and we were looking for a way to cut costs because we knew that our budgets were going to be getting tighter over time. The solution was a performance contract with Johnson Controls. Using new building management technologies. Without paying up front costs, the district is making improvements expected to generate twenty four million dollars in energy savings over fifteen years. So we added occupancy sensors in every space to turn the lights off. They weren’t in the renovation projects. We replaced some old mechanical equipment and most importantly the overlying the Metasys system to control all those. In a school system where energy costs per square foot seemed reasonable, a district wide installation of Johnson Controls Metasys building management system is uncovering.

Additional savings. Metasys is our complete head end for the entire district so we now have a unified structure that we can look at everything. Does anybody know if they have any other schools that do not have that Um yea, I was just going to say Worwick also. Facilities staff meetings now involve logging into Metasys to discuss and fine tune building operations. The fan command was off all day. Did we lose air over there We’re trying to get ahead of the curve catching our problems ahead of time before there’s a complaint and in.

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Heating and Cooling

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Located directly in the center of the temperate zone, our city’s homes have a definite need for high quality in both heating and cooling. Louisville summers can be very hot, but winter brings sub-freezing temperatures on a regular basis. Sometimes it can feel like a part-time job keeping up with the maintenance needs of your furnace and air conditioner, but a good HVAC partner like Quality Heating and Air can make that job much easier.


New Equipment If it is time for you to replace an aging furnace or AC unit, call us to have an expert come to your home and give you a free estimate. Our licensed, trained professionals are familiar with virtually every model on the market today, and they are ready to give you their expert opinion and help you through the installation process. You can face every season with confidence and peace of mind, knowing your new equipment is prepared to operate reliably and efficiently whatever the weather throws at it. Maintaining Equipment When it comes to heating and cooling, Louisville residents often pay less attention to maintenance than they would like to admit. At Quality Heating and Air, we want to make this job as easy as possible so that you can be free to concentrate on other things. Here are just a few of the services we provide for your convenience: FREE service call ($69.00 value) FREE estimates for replacing HVAC equipment Convenient service agreements that take the pressure of maintenance off your shoulders Thorough inspections by trained, certified professionals. Money back satisfaction guarantee on all work. Repairing Equipment Don’t risk waiting for hours while your home becomes more uncomfortable during an equipment failure. Our phone lines are open all day, every day, and we promise to get a technician to your home as soon as possible. The next time you need fast help with heating and cooling, Louisville’s experts will be standing by—just call Quality Heating and Air. Client Testimonials I want to say thank you very much for coming out and fixing our AC so quickly. You were very prompt and nice. My husband and I, plus our animals, are very grateful. You have our business from now on. Thank you, thank you, thank you!~Kelli R.,, Louisville KY We were at your mercy and you were professional and honest. I would and will recommend your company for all HVAC needs to my family and friends ~Paula F., Louisville KY We just wanted to thank you for your hard work, problem solving and great attitude/customer service. From the start, we felt that you were the right company for the job. You really made us feel like we were your only customers. ~Tamara P.,, Louisville KY

I must say that I have been pleased with your service but I did not know how efficient air conditioning could be until now. We have lived in this house for approximately 20 years. Our old unit worked fine for us, however, I did not know a unit could get as cold as the air conditioning unit you put in our house. This is truly air conditioning! Thanks again, you have what it takes to be the best company in this area. ~Don F.,, Louisville KY.

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HVAC School Atlanta Ga | HVAC Training Online

Le Tue 15 November 2016Par Michele


Hi! Don Harris here President of Dependable Services. I want to thank you for taking the time to visit our website today. You’re likely on this page because you’re looking for service or parts for your XXXXX air conditioner furnace or heat pump. Well you’ve come to the right place. At Dependable we offer 24 hour emergency service for those times you just have to have it working now. So if that’s the case just call the number above and follow the prompts. For nonemergency calls we always get a technician out as soon as possible often within a few.

Hours during normal business hours. So give us a call at the number above or better yet click on a schedule service online button and schedule your own call online 247. Dependable Services as a family owned and operated business servicing residential and light commercial air conditioning furnace and heat pumps in the Greater Atlanta metropolitan area since 1970. That’s well over 40 years now. In fact Dependable has received numerous awards over the years for service excellence so we know a little bit about XXXX heating air conditioning systems. We repair all brands makes and models of air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps. And have a large stock of parts to get you up and running with as little inconvenience as possible. We have technician staged in various cities such as Marietta, Smyrna, Roswell and Alpharetta, Kennesaw, Woodstock and Acworth, Lawrenceville and Duluth, Atlanta, Douglasville and Dallas for fast quick response. So give us a call at the number above. Our technicians are courteous and professional and have years of XXXXX heating and air conditioning experience. They receive regular training to stay up to date on the latest models being introduced into the marketplace today. They will troubleshoot your problem and quote you a flat rate repair.


Price before any repairs are made. Of course the diagnostic charges always waived with any repair. We carry the most common XXXXX air conditioning, furnace and heat pump parts to ensure a timely repair but if the part isn’t on the truck we’ll have delivered to your home as soon as possible and of course all repairs our guaranteed. We take all major credit cards and have senior citizens and military discount as well as a service agreement discounts available so don’t forget to ask about those. So go ahead just give us a call.

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HVAC Schools Boise Idaho | HVAC Training Online Part One

Le Tue 15 November 2016Par Michele


Today we are on the Council Ranger District of the Payette National Forest outside of Council, Idaho. The material that is being generated on this treatment project, much of this material is being taken to the fuels for schools project where the local high school and elementary school is being heated with wood chips. We had a fifty year old elementary and a fourty five year old high school. And the HVAC systems basically had worn out and they were very expensive to operate and so we had to do something.


And this seemed like the perfect opportunity. We’re surrounded on three sides by the Payette National Forest so it made sense that we would use wood if possible. So I met with the Forest Service, they were on board, very supportive of it. In the summer of 2005, we put in a boiler building. And gutted the two buildings as far as their HVAC systems. We went with a heat pump system. And the heat pumps would pull out the air conditioning. And so it was a great system for us. Part of that, we had no fresh air in the buildings, the heating was sporatic, we had electric heat in our secondary which was very hot in some places and cold in others. And the elementary had an old oil boiler. Which was inefficient and very expensive to operate. We were spending about twenty five thousand dollars a year alone on fuel oil for that building. The biomass unit also allows us to have air conditioning in our school. It allows us to start school with time in August. The biomass plant heats our high school. Our elementary school. The greenhouses and also our shop. This allows students to have a very comfortable working environment year round and we are so fortunate. The chip storage over here holds about twenty five tons. This is a walking auger and it puts it on the conveyor belt into a hopper and it’s fed into the fire box. Right now the fire box is working, and we’re using about, I would say any where from one to two ton of chip per day, it’s not too cold. We’re in our eigth year of operation now. And we’ve finally got it to where we want.

It. We save quite a bit of money. We eventually added greenhouses that we could heat with the biomass which we could grow native plants. And so it’s also helped the airshed because now they are no longer burning it out in the fields. And that’s a pretty inefficient way of dealing with it. And so it seemed just like a very very natural thing for us to look at wood and to put in a system like that. You know, the cost savings have been there. If you look back eight years, we’ve probably saved probably in the neighboorhood of half.

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Furnace Repair

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For speedy, thorough, and satisfaction guaranteed furnace repair, Louisville residents have learned to rely on Quality Heating and Air. As the nights get colder and you begin using your furnace for the first time in the season, you may wonder whether your unit is up to the task of performing reliably throughout yet another cold season.

Inspections and Maintenance The best way to keep your furnace running smoothly all season is to do everything possible to prevent breakdowns in the first place. An inspection by a furnace expert will expose any worn components that should be replaced; clean parts to ensure that only safe, clean air will circulate through your house; and calibrate your heating system for the most efficient performance possible. Especially for older units, this regular maintenance is essential if you expect to get a full life of service from your equipment. Emergency Repairs Despite even the most careful preparation for the cold weather, a furnace can suffer an unexpected breakdown. At Quality Heating and Air, we understand the discomfort and even danger that this situation poses to your family, so we are always ready to respond, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our highly skilled technicians have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the fastest, most reliable furnace repair Louisville has to offer. Working For You You don’t need to worry that we will take advantage of your immediate need for furnace repair. Louisville customers have found that our prices are extremely reasonable, and we even offer a free service call and free estimates on air conditioner or furnace replacement. Our valued customers are our first priority, and we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our parts and workmanship after we leave. Let us help you make it through the winter with safe, efficient heating by making use of our pre-season inspections and 24/7 availability for emergency repairs.


Client Testimonials We were at your mercy and you were professional and honest. I would and will recommend your company for all HVAC needs to my family and friends - Paula F., Louisville KY

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Air Condition Repair

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There’s only one name you need to know for quick, reliable Louisville air conditioning repair: Quality Heating and Air. Each summer in Louisville seems to be hotter and longer than the one before, and your air conditioner undergoes a lot of stress each season. We understand the discomfort that a broken air conditioner causes your family and the dangers that excessive heat poses to the elderly, the very young, and those who are sick. That’s why we make immediate service a priority and keep our phone lines open 24/7. Call us any time, and you can count on a fast response, a courteous expert, and satisfaction guarantees that will set your mind at ease.


Common Repair Needs Our Louisville air conditioning repair experts have seen a huge variety of problems with units of all types, but some causes are more common than others. If you are experiencing an AC breakdown, chances are good that one of these factors is responsible: Dirty air filters/residue buildup. Your air conditioner needs professional cleaning on a regular basis, or the features that keep dirt and dust out of it become too dirty to function effectively. This situation creates a health hazard, as undesired particles are allowed to circulate through your home. It also puts extra strain on your air conditioner as airflow becomes constricted. Electrical problems. If your wiring is very old or has suffered damage, connections to your air conditioner can become unsafe. Frequent flipped breakers or blown fuses are a common indicator that there is a problem with electrical connections. It is imperative to allow a trained professional to handle these problems in order to avoid possible electrical injury. Water/refrigerant problems. With regular maintenance, you can make sure your AC unit’s water-carrying pipes remain tight and free of leaks, and that there is plenty of refrigerant at all times. Excessive water around your air conditioner is an indication that a leak or low refrigerant is causing a problem. Louisville air conditioning repair is not generally a do-it-yourself job. Our trained, licensed employees know how to perform a complete inspection, identifying potential problems before they damage your system. They are also equipped to repair an AC unit when a mishap does occur, minimizing damage and making sure your equipment will serve your home efficiently for years to come.

Client Testimonials I want to say thank you very much for coming out and fixing our AC so quickly. You were very prompt and nice. My husband and I, plus our animals, are very grateful. You have our business from now on. Thank you, thank you, thank you!~Kelli R.,, Louisville KY

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