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A million dollars at least. Now we’ve had to pay down part of the bond with that because that was the deal with our community that we would use our energy savings to help pay that bond down. But it’s still saved us money. And so we just think this is just a win. It’s been a win for everybody. It’s a win for the Forest Service because now they can get that stuff out of the woods without burning it. So we think this has been a great, a great.

Way to use our natural resources and to work with our community. It started as a biomass to heat our buildings, it then turned into greenhouses, it then heated our shop. So those things have had a real connection to our curriculum, our Ag. program has been able to benefit by having this and having greenhouses, which they didn’t really have the opportunity to have before. You know, I think that’s the wave of the future in our part of the world. You know, I really do. I think that it’s an opportunity for us to. Clean up the forest and take a lot of the treatment out and create energy and jobs. It’s instrumental because it took the tremedous rise of heating costs out of the picture. And then you can take that money and put it back in the classroom. We think it’s a win win deal to be able to utilize a product that needs to be cleaned up in a forest any way. It creates catastrophic fuels laying on the ground. We need to get a lot of that out and use it in the right ways. And what better way to use it to offset costs in rural communities.


It’s a wonderful resource, it’s a double edged deal where you’re cleaning up the forest at the same time and creating energy and jobs in rural communities. From the Forest Service and many of the partners that have made this happen, we are truly excited about the success of this project. It has truly made a difference in the budget of the school, in the environment of the school, and the stability of the community and has found a place for many, much of the waste material that historically has just been burned.