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Central Bucks school district, north of Philadelphia, makes headlines for academic achievement. When school officials wanted to trim their budgets, particularly energy costs, they insisted that nothing compromise the learning environment. Through a performance contract with Johnson Controls, Central Bucks is accomplishing both goals. We already know they’re happening, I mean it’s happening now. Our utility bills are definitely a million and a half to two million dollars less per year already. Many districts have a backlog of deferred maintenance and generate energy savings simply by updating inefficient equipment. That wasn’t the case at Central Bucks.


Our buildings were in incredible shape. There were seven new buildings, we renovated nine others, and our cost per square foot, energy costs per square foot were very reasonable. The challenge was growth. The district has twenty seven buildings and 4 million square feet to maintain and in fifteen years doubled in size to 20,000 students. When energy prices began to climb, officials wanted to find a way to better manage costs. I think it started around 2007 and we were looking for a way to cut costs because we knew that our budgets were going to be getting tighter over time. The solution was a performance contract with Johnson Controls. Using new building management technologies. Without paying up front costs, the district is making improvements expected to generate twenty four million dollars in energy savings over fifteen years. So we added occupancy sensors in every space to turn the lights off. They weren’t in the renovation projects. We replaced some old mechanical equipment and most importantly the overlying the Metasys system to control all those. In a school system where energy costs per square foot seemed reasonable, a district wide installation of Johnson Controls Metasys building management system is uncovering.

Additional savings. Metasys is our complete head end for the entire district so we now have a unified structure that we can look at everything. Does anybody know if they have any other schools that do not have that Um yea, I was just going to say Worwick also. Facilities staff meetings now involve logging into Metasys to discuss and fine tune building operations. The fan command was off all day. Did we lose air over there We’re trying to get ahead of the curve catching our problems ahead of time before there’s a complaint and in.