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The process saving large amounts of energy. Tom next time you’re up on the roof at East can you insert the onoff switch. Part of that meeting is bouncing stuff off of ourselves but also off of our partner Johnson. I think it’s the acctuators and they’re having limited travel. What we’ve learned in this project is down to the finite control of an individual unit. So you might have a unit that has a hundred and fifty points and we’re now down to where we’re tweaking each and every point so it runs exactly the way we want.

Finite control and robust data are hallmarks of Metasys. Recently Central Bucks added the Panoptix Building Efficiency platform. to capture even more savings opportunities. Panoptix is a suite of cloud based apps, services and support that simplifies the process of collecting real time building data. Instead of going in and gathering all the data together ourselves, on a question or an issue, it’s already there for us, we just check the faults and dive in that way. While Metasys gathers data, Panoptix interprets it with a single integrated dashboard. Allowing the team to make informed decisions around energy savings and building. Performance. The amount of data and knowledge we have now is incredible. What that’s allowed us to do is troubleshoot problems more quickly, anticipate problems, correct them before they become a problem and all of these things save energy. and maintain comfort for our staff and our students. Now that the district has finely tuned control of its energy use they’re able to take advantage of the local utilities demand response rebate program, generating even more savings. You add in the revenues from rebates from PECO for efficiency in the demand response, some years we’re looking at.


Three to four million dollars savings in our utilities, so it’s been pretty substantial. We’ve been able to take the dividend so to speak from the Johnson Control savings and invest it into teacher training. We’ve paid down some of our construction debt from all the new buildings we’ve built. A lot of money’s invested back into the classroom protecting our core curriculum and instruction. Protecting the mission of educating students remains the fundamental goal at Central Bucks school district. Through the partnership with Johnson Controls, school officials now have the data and the confidence to move forward.