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Right for you one always make sure the contractor as a proper license and insurance in place before hvac wichita kansas starting your work a professional will always provide you with anti denies folks you know exactly what products and services you're hpc contractor plans to provide always ask if they have all my testimonials are positive reviews they could directly to them there's more you should know about choosing the right hpc contractor information we provide to save you time and money just visit hvac wichita ks our website because today. Air Conditioning near Westlake Village Air Conditioning Westlake Village HVAC Westlake Village ASM


All Systems Mechanical air conditioning and heating Westlake Village All Systems Mechanical air conditioning and heating specializes in the installation and servicing of commercial, industrial and residential air conditioning applications. ASM air conditioning Westlake Village offers free competitive estimates. Customer Service No nonsense. Just HVAC. Residential air conditioning near Westlake Village asmair Commercial air conditioning near Westlake Village asmair Industrial HVAC near Westlake Village ASM is the air conditioning company you've been waiting for..the professionals you've been waiting for. Old fashioned customer service. On time, every time. Quality materials. no cut corners. Just honesty and integrity. Replacing a Home Air Conditioner Soldering Home Air Conditioner Copper Pipes Now that's not as neat, as pretty as I'd like to see it. But what I had to work with, that's not bad. Lot neater looking than the last person's. It doesn't make it work any better if it's neat. But just looks more professional. Now this one here, I'm going to be easier and lighter on it, with my torches. Because if you're not careful you can cut a hole in that pipe with this big of tip on these torches. But I needed the larger tip for the larger pipe because I have to get it hotter. And. As you see it didn't take long to get this one hot enough to melt that silver. That's a lot better looking joint too than I did while ago. Because it was easier to do. Same on this one. See I'm moving it around to get that temperature to where I want it to be and not cut a hole in that pipe or get it too hot. I want to get in and out of there as quick as I can. Because of that temperature. I believe I'm good there too. Now I'm going to have to crank. Replacing a Home Air Conditioner Pressure Check a Home Air Conditioner

We're getting ready to pressure check the system with nitrogen. Actually a while ago I come out was putting a little nitrogen through it as I was soldering the joint in there that helps keep those joints cleaner. But now we'll pressurize it. Put my valve stems back in. Pressurize the system and check for leaks. This is my suction side here. My high side line. And here's my gages. So I'm going to turn my nitrogen on. And I'll start now putting nitrogen in the line right now and into my coil. Now I'm just over ninety pounds on my suction. And will look and see. HVAC $ Saving Tip from Kevin Renner, NATE Certified Tech, Climate Control, Portland OR.