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We're not just filter flippers here. WE actually go out and look for possible problems. I have a hobby. I like to fly remote control airplanes and helicopters. I just got a bunch of chickens, so I'm kind of starting to be a farmer here. I just moved to Oregon. Not really a big fisherman, but I just have taken up fishing. Haven't caught one yet, but I'm really trying hard. And I like being outdoors I love Oregon life. To me, I always say that I camp where I live and live where I camp. It's a great place to be. I've.

Been here about 2 years now, and I really like it. A lot of people don't realize that their equipment can be malfunctioning. Even though it's still heating or cooling, it's malfunctioning it's not operating as it should be. We go out and look for these problems before it completely breaks down. And the big thing is before it completely breaks down, we can save you a lot of money on repairs. Once something does go wrong, it can take other pieces of equipment out with it. You can lose a compressor,. Heat exchanger in a heater. Things go wrong, and that $100, $200 bill can easily turn into a $3,000, $4,000 bill replacing equipment. This is something that a lot of people don't realize, and this is the reason that my tip is make sure that you get your equipment maintained on a yearly basis. It's not just changing the filter it's looking for things that are possibly going wrong, that have halfway gone wrong. A lot of times your car tire on your car gets low, you don't really realize it's low until you go and have the tires looked at, and then you get back in your car. HVAC Wichita KS 316 5551212


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