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My name is Kevin. I'm from Climate Control. I've been here for about 14 years. What I like about the company is it's a real family kind of company you kind of get to know all the employees. You get to personally talk to the owners of the company. I'd like to continue my education. On my spare time, I usually do a lot of soccer coaching. I do a lot of stuff with my kids, do stuff with my family and the outdoors. It's always good to change your filters. Make sure your ducts are wrapped, that they're. HVAC $ Saving Tip from Adam Somarriba, NATE Certified Tech, Climate Control, Portland OR.

Hey, I'm Adam. I've been at Climate Control for 2 years. I'm an installer technician, and I enjoy working at Climate Control because from all the companies that I've worked at, they take the most pride in their work, and they're not scared to go back and make sure that the customer's happy in the install and in the service that they provide. I like to play basketball on my free time. I like to do a little bit of salsa dancing, and I'm a Latin percussionist. You start closing off supply registers throughout your house because you're not conditioning. Replacing a Home Air Conditioner Vacuuming Home Air Conditioner Lines OK. Now we're back. I'm checking. I'm still showing ninety two. So that means I have no leaks in my system right now. So we're going to dump our nitrogen out and then we're going to put it into the vacuum. Now here I have a vacuum pump. It pulls it down to microns. It pulls all the atmosphere out of the system. Moisture and contaminates. I got a vacuum gage. I'm going to run it, hook into it also. We've dumped our nitrogen out. I have to use another hose here, if I. Want to use my gage on it. On the system, right now I'm pulling like a negative nine or so. We're going to let this pump down to around twenty nine. We'll also check our micron gage as we're pumping down. We've got a micron gage on now, and so we'll pump it down until this reaches down five hundred microns. Right now it's above five thousand. Now I'm going to pump this down for an hour maybe longer. I'll come back and check it in a few minutes, in thirty minutes to an hour. Another Day In The Life Of An HVAC Technician


Another Day In The Life Of An HVAC Technician, Some more fun stuff from the job. Becoming An HVAC Tech. How I got started and my take on the HVAC trade and trades in general for anyone looking into it as a career.