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My name is Scott Dendy. I work at Climate Control. Been here for about 10 years now. It's been a good 10 years. They take care of us pretty good here. We've got a good clientele. Love all my customers. A lot of house remodeling, woodworking, motorcycle riding, horseback riding, hiking, ski in December, fish. Those type of things. Get surge protection, at least on your HVAC equipment, if not your whole house. One surge strike pops, it's going to go right through your stuff to ground if you don't have a. HVAC Training Solenoid Valve HVAC Training Solutions


Hey guys, Ron here. I wanted to show you how a solenoid valve is used in a residential air conditioning system we just got done with our schematic reading class and we talked about solenoid valves so here's a great example this is at a friend of mine's house they live in a condo and I'll show you why they have this in here solenoid valve but you're looking at the solenoid valve and it is wired into the thermostat 'Y' terminal and common terminal so when the thermostat comes on the. Solenoid valve opens and when that thermostat turns off the condensing unit the solenoid valve closes the reason that we have the solenoid valve here on the liquid line is because the air handling unit this all the way up there on I meant 4th floor and when the air conditioning system is off, the refrigerant the liquid refrigerant will migrate back down into the condensing unit and especially when it's really cold it migrates back down into the condensing unit and sits in the compressor and then when the compressor starts. HVAC $ Saving Tip from Eric Hoyes, NATE Certified Tech, Climate Control, Portland OR.

My name is Eric Hoyes. I've been with Climate Control for about 1 year now. I really like working at Climate Control. The people here are what I call human beings they care about people, not just themselves and not just a dollar. I've been in this field for too long, since 1973, I started vocational training in it. I am NATE certified with the National Association of Technical Excellence, and I think that Climate Control is far above any of the other companies because we really take care of our customers, and what you pay for You get.