HVAC Technician | HVAC Training Online Part Two

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Should be an HVAC technician, HVAC technicians get to stare at sexy women in bikinis by their pools while they fix their air conditioning, they get b from lonely house wives afternoon repair their heating systems, as a roofer your skin will look like a worn leather bag shrivel nutsack too much from too much Sun, end up with skin cancer, then maybe I'll become a plumber farting sound, dude what the f you smell, do you smell that , as a plumber that's why you have to look forward to every day, as an HVAC technician that stench.

Away from using your specialized skills, as a plumber you have to smell s touch s and sometimes even taste s is that really what you want, no way what if I become an electrician, electricians are in high demand and have a specialized skill set, f I f hate electricians, electricians are know it alls that are good for nothing except destroy walls entangling wires, and how is their skill set they only do one thing all they do is run f wire , even a dipshit like you can do that, if you want a real job become. HVAC Geothermal Technician Associate Degree Program Gateway Technical College Tom Instructor Geothermal is probably where computers were back in the early '70's. The job market is just going to explode. We found that there was nowhere in the world to get training for Geothermal, the drilling side, so we basically, with the help of the NSF grant, were able to write the curriculum. and expose the student to training center that didn't exist before we invented it. Tony Student It was like a breath of fresh air. It was something that I really wanted to do, and. with it.


Being here in Kenosha, it was just even a bigger plus, because it's where me and my family are. Tom We not only teach you the inside equipment, like a traditional HVAC technician, but how it is coupled and having the ability to do the earth loops, or ponds, so you can understand the entire system, makes this rather unique. Tony Instructors are really great, they're passionate about what they teach, and it's just been a really good experience for me and a lot of the other. students that are here. HVAC $ Saving Tip from Scott Dendy, NATE Certified Tech, Climate Control, Portland OR.